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Looking back

2017-11-21 23:40:38 by Deshiel

I like making music, but I never considered myself to be any sort of good, natural or skilled person when it comes to working around it.  Each year, the more stuff I make the more I learn about the craft. I was never the guy for tutorials, I don't have the patience for that. Maybe if I did, I would be on some whole other level now, but I don't think I even can. 

Music is my hobby, I did manage to get myself "hired" few times in the last two years, but I don't have any plans of grandeur. So here I am. Dishing out my experiments (not so often as I used to) but I still do. It's one of the things I do to endure in this trying world.

Here is a presentation of several of my tracks starting from 2008 to 2017, to see how much I have grown in the last 9 years of content creation. This is for both you and me as it gives me feels when I listen to my old stuff.









I am very active on my twitter. I share my music, my thoughts and my gaming moments in there.

They are mine now! Sent and signed by @krinkels himself!


Some projects I had affiliated with indie studios, but since I lost my files they will no longer be used nor worked on.

So I'll just unlock the download and offer it to ya guys for your use, hopefuly in newgrounds movies/games :)

If you decide to chose this please contact me, I'd love to atleast know. I'm fowarding this announcement because several of these tracks were sought out by developers and project leaders, but I turned them all down, now they are open for use.


First Real Work Since Data Loss

2017-10-04 15:25:58 by Deshiel




All music projects put on hold.

2017-08-22 20:39:22 by Deshiel

Untill I figure this out. It's not something I want to talk about publicly thought, but know that I do want to continue making music and there are several off-NG projects that I am part of and they will be forced to go on without me for a while. I'll be back with some new track, but it will probably take few months.

Cheers and best wishes to whoever reads this.


and I created this character and I kinda want to make a themesong for him.

Would anyone be willing to draw him for me in proper DBZ, DBS style?

I even have a little story about him lololoo all imagined today.


You can create your own saiyan here, but only male.