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You can't deny that I am geting better

2015-08-02 03:33:56 by Deshiel

In FL Slayer xD

Me and NG contests

2015-08-01 04:38:17 by Deshiel

I decided to make a news post where I list all of my tracks I made for newgrounds contests, ranging from robot day to some survivor stuff (@samulis)... and even tried NATA once xd.

Can't realy say that they are awesome, or good, but each of these pieces had something I didn't usualy provide in the past.... and that was... special care!  (we all know by now that I am a lazy ass xD)

Robot day 2013/2014/2015


MadnessDay 2013/2014


A.I.M contest 2013/2014/2015


PicoDay 2015 

NATA 2013

NG Deserted Island Contest 2015

It was nice to sum up what I have been doing these past few years. :)

Thunderous act 2?

2015-07-25 05:14:26 by Deshiel

I want to upgrade Thunderous act with my 2015 skills.

Will you gimme your blessings dear newgrounders? Or should I let it gooooo?


Hello all!

2015-07-25 05:06:43 by Deshiel

Say hi to me!



Happy robot day 2015

2015-07-10 13:30:24 by Deshiel

2337063_143665157542_ROBOTDAY2015.jpgIt's that day of the year that is all about robots and stuff!

Check out the music I did for the occasion.

Don't forget to check out the other robot day songs from other newgrounds musicians ;)

So I decided to enter the Newgrounds annual Death Match contest for the third time today.

Are you guys entering aswel? If you do, link me to your tracks :) I will gladly take a listen. ;)


I am going in with Anti hero, because its probably my most favorite thing I did so far during this year.

I could go and chose something that was more "popular" but nah Anti hero it is for it has a special place in my heart.

...and my greatest enemy? The auditions! I never made it past the auditions! xD

AN update

2015-07-03 15:17:37 by Deshiel

I learned how to fade in and out.

You can start laughing now. 

Don't be afraid to experiment!

2015-06-22 11:43:20 by Deshiel

If I didn't decide to play around with this...

I wouldn't have this and this...

And I wouldn't gain new knowledge!

I wouldn't meet new people!

And I would be a shitload of downloads lighter!


So don't be afraid to experiment! Even if the first thing you do doesn't meet your standarts, the second thing will!

Whada ya think friends? :) 


I am one of those guys who cries that it's now harder to discover the music that I like! So instead of crying, I figured out that I could simply call out to you guys who might be producing the kind of music I love!

Spam this newspost with links to your music here on newgrounds and if I like what I hear, I will become your everlasting fan, friend and maybe a future collaborator! I willl go full shingeki on your download button and I might even promote you via taging you as a source of inspiration!

Here is a list of what I prefer

- Action packed

> Metal


> Cinematic music

> techno


> drum and bass

> Dubstep


> missclenious/ when theres alittle bit of everything





> chiptune/chipstep/8-bit spiced everything