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Any of my music, that has download enabled on this site can be used in other Newgrounds related content (movie, games) without my permission, but you still have to credit me

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Posted by DESHIEL - 4 days ago

I felt that the work on Dark Purity 2 wasn't fully covering my current skillset and so I worked on it even more.

Instead of just rewriting the Dark Purity 2 submission, I decided to upload it as a standalone version for various reasons

  • New guitars (shreddage 2, formerly FL Slayer)
  • some new writing for the guitars
  • changed some sytrus presets ;)
  • Used Ozone 8 recommended to me by @ld-w

the entry has links to previous versions in the description

I hope somebody finds this enjoyable.



Posted by DESHIEL - 2 weeks ago

It's picoday2021 guys!

I totally did not forget the date again...

I realy wanna make something for each important event.

It's fun and it challenges me creatively.

and so I tried to make something for today aswel, albeit it was literally made today. (you usualy want to work on stuff longer, with breaks, but oh well)

I hope you are having fun discovering what people came up with this year. I certainly have!

Decided to include links to my picoday tracks from previous years :D



Posted by DESHIEL - 1 month ago

Posted by DESHIEL - March 26th, 2021

but for the love of Madness, if you have to spend your energy on helping me grow, please do so on something I made recently and not on something I made a whole decade ago.


Posted by DESHIEL - March 13th, 2021

Intended for gaming, especialy the grindy repetitive parts, so you can spice them up with it.

Dig in, feedback is welcome, even consructive criticism (sad I have to clarify that)

Thanks for your time-


Posted by DESHIEL - February 6th, 2021

When I make something madness related, I always hope that somebody picks it up. Like my bio states. I'm fine with supporting newgrounds related projects with my stuff.



Posted by DESHIEL - January 12th, 2021

Please tell me I'm not the only one here playing Genshin Impact


Posted by DESHIEL - October 24th, 2020

I like it when pen artists do that thing when they redraw something old in the present day to show how far they got in thier art. Inspired by that I picked up and oldie of mine aswel and begun working on it since I still have the original source files.

I didn't do much, but I already made sure to re calibrate some channels and added some extra sounds. I plan to rebuild and expand it with new melodies n stuff.

Untill it is done, I have a demo of my early progress that I want to show you guys for comparison with the OG from 2012

work in progress remaster:


More news!

While listening to my old stuff I found two particular tracks that I decided to upload on youtube, these are The world Around me and A new Day [techno]

Posted by DESHIEL - September 27th, 2020

Remember that Work In progress I showed you few months ago?

I finally got to wrap it up!

09/30/2020 : Now also on Youtube with wallpaper by @X-tnt


Posted by DESHIEL - August 4th, 2020

Remember when I used to literally spam one track after another? This came close.

I couldn't sleep the other night, so I ended up working on this from 1 to 8 a.m