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Do you like anime? Here is something that you may like

2015-11-14 08:39:17 by Deshiel

@KarlSia not only draws Anime, but he also Animates it! Check out his page and support him by becoming his follower on both here and youtube

Also check this new kewl signature from


I want Fallout 4

2015-11-11 17:31:27 by Deshiel

Care to donate? It will make my music better I swear! >2337063_144728108732_tumblr_mme8lgiqft1r6qc5eo1_500.gif:3

Check out my awesome choice of wallpaper :)

This track would surely fit in some project, wanna use it in yours? Contact me ;)


Make love to me and...

2015-10-17 13:14:13 by Deshiel

Follow me on youtube please :)




2015-10-15 11:38:25 by Deshiel

Say hi! ;)

This track needs female vocals!

2015-10-11 10:26:59 by Deshiel

Any volunteers? 


Happy Madness Day Everyone!

2015-09-21 16:48:50 by Deshiel

Check out this awesome art by @BakayaroDaWickrayz while you listen to my madness day 2015 music! These two are deeply connected ya know. :)

2337063_144290791213_madness-day-project-final.png Click on the icons to go to BakayaroDaWickrayz's art directly :)


If you want to hear more Madness combat inspired music by me, feel free to visit my Madness combat playlist. :)



Madness day is coming soon

2015-09-19 06:27:25 by Deshiel

So is my & @Lich 's music entry. xD

I managed to learn more about madness music from @Djjaner nearly a year ago, so this year's entry might be better than the previous years. Who knows. :)

Here are some madness tracks that I created in the past while we wait for the madness day.

The new one will sound much better :)

Im a huge numberdophile! Follow me on soundcloud and if you have your own account, I will follow you back. :)

Even Lucy endorses my page! :)


I joined a game developing team

2015-08-26 15:09:04 by Deshiel

They are working on a badass game and I joined them to make some museek.

I originaly disabled downloads but I decided to put them back in. No dowload here feels kinda unnatural for me.

In case that some fellow newgrounder wanted to tap that piece of sound. :3

Thanks for listening to my music. :)