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"You made FL slayer sound good"

2016-03-05 06:35:32 by Deshiel

This has been messaged to me on various ocassions, believe it or not. xD

Track after track I relentlessly experimented with the infamous FL Slayer in a quest to find a reasonable delivery of great sound. If you work with something and you hate it from the beginning (many of you tried to lead me away from this plug) then it will be difficult for you to find progress, because you won't believe in progression since u hate the plug. But if you are like me, eager to experiment and persistent, you might find a way.

I found a way to make decent use of it. All the lame tracks I uploaded all served its purpose. They brought this.

download link:


Music on hold haha

2016-02-27 02:49:16 by Deshiel

Won't be making any music till I get a new job and new headphones haha. That does not mean that I won't be abusing the power of my charisma here on newgrounds so don't be afraid... don't be relieved that I won't be around because I will be and I will feed you with links to the stuff that I already made :D

Today I decided to throw up a FL slayer compilation of tracks, experimental and proper because even my best ones are garbage anyway ;D


Future goals

2016-02-17 13:24:46 by Deshiel

If I had to pick one particular goal for my music future, I would say that my goal is to one day be able to make music like this :) 


What are your goals?

You can find more tracks here on newgrounds in my lost sector playlist. :)

For they are delicious!


Made something for Dem NG events

2016-01-24 10:32:58 by Deshiel

This baby to celebrate the pixelday

And this biach to dominate my Frenemies! In our battle.


Was this realy so bad? :D

2016-01-17 21:45:50 by Deshiel

It wasn't reacieved very well. :D

Check this out :)

2016-01-14 05:56:55 by Deshiel

Check it on youtube too and subscribe to me if you want to make me feel happy :)


Musicians! I am Looking for your music again

2016-01-10 09:55:20 by Deshiel

If you make energetic and destructive music that will give me a big power up while gaming, post a link and let me have it :)

Your music has to be intense, fast paced and agressive. 

Something that goes well with shooting things. :)

Here is an example

I'm just little low on music right now and I want to listen to something new while I play.



Fun fact #2

2016-01-06 08:51:54 by Deshiel

This track didn't make it to the NGADM 2013. Yet it was the only track associated with it that appeared in best of the month and best of the year in audio portal... not just once, but several times.


It felt realy good, because I thought that I have failed, but then I realised that I had won... elsewhere. :D