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Considering return to drawing art

2016-04-25 18:30:08 by Deshiel

I still have a long way to go ofcourse, but if I practice I will level my skills :)

2337063_146162336651_o.jpgThis is fully random with no prep. Jacket says "I love @Anarkat :D)

2337063_146162424343_o.jpgIM NO FIRA LLOLO

First track with new headphones

2016-04-24 03:54:24 by Deshiel

I heard it sounds good soundwise. That's a relief. :)

So friggin happy tho.


Introducing my new headphones!

2016-04-20 06:06:19 by Deshiel

Brought to me by @Anarkat & @CannonXIII and this one person from another site that wishes to be anonymous. :)

Thank you very much guys. I am not very good with expressing my feelings but know that if my feelings were water, you'd have a new poo of gratitude at your house. :) I will settle the score with you guys when things get better over here whether you want it or not >:). If you are willing I would like to begin with showing your stuff to people hiring musicians for thier projects (if you have time for that) or youtubers for super exposure. 

Don't worry I will not sign you up to a death sentence (hopefuly) and I will most likely encourage you to deal with the people yourself. I will just forcefeed them with your baking and then give contact for more. :)

I'd also like to thank to @Lich for always being there when I had some technical questions and for even being willing to assist me with a plan B) regarding the purchase of the headphones. (he found out that the ones I originaly aimed for were like 60% cheaper in UK so he helped me to scheme a possible purchase and delivery from UK to Czech Republic.

Also thanks to anyone who wished me well. Even your concern for me matters to me :)

@alicemako @MysticSkillz

And eternal thanks to @TomFulp for bringing us all together. :)



Help me get my headphones back :)

2016-04-03 16:39:42 by Deshiel

<a href="">Fragile Sound by Deshiel</a>

I put up this track in hopes to gather enought money for new studio heapdhones, which I need to continue in music making. I cannot afford any on my own and I currently own none. That is pretty frustrating considering that I am addicted and used to making atleast one track per month.

So with that. I came to ask if anyone would like to support my goal to get new headphones back. That is why I created this music track. To specificaly have something to give you back for your kindness.

To those who already supported me. Thanks a lot. I will remember that you were there for me when I needed it.

Perhaps a future fun NG contest just for you? :)

Its for the better future of America... and my music.

Raising money for new headphones

2016-03-29 12:12:13 by Deshiel

You might have heard the story. 

My old studio headphones have passed away in an unrepairable state. I need some to make decent music.

I always uploaded my music for free for everyone to enjoy. But the loss of my headphones has put me to a very stressfull situation. I cannot enjoy music and its very devastating for my music production, which I wish to continue.

I have created this track called Fragile Sound to have something in return for your support.

So if you want to support me and help me to do what I love, please head over to bandcamp and buy my track.

Thanks. :)

&lt;a href=""&gt;Fragile Sound by Deshiel&lt;/a&gt;

Or you can ignore me, but take a look at this mangificent album by @Daydream-Anatomy

Money from his album goes to charity.

It features two remixes made by me. ;)

<a href="">Recurring Daydream Vol. 2 by Daydream Anatomy and Various Artists</a>


Roleplaying forum game community that I am a member of since 2006 has moved to a new forum which supports "theme songs" feature that you can play on every post you make.

So I am finaly going to fully utilise this theme song I made for my character.

Yay ^^


Just like this :) 



Wondering what to do next

2016-03-21 10:29:47 by Deshiel

Even without mah HEDPHUNs I still want to make some stuff so I was thinking about UPGRADING this track from 2014 with my current 2016 skills :)


...sometimes miracles happen


When I made this track, I ended up falling in love with it. So I was hoping that this track would get atleast 100+ downloads but the counter has stoped on 28 many months ago. I enjoy making random stuff but that sometimes gets more attention and feedback than I would actualy prefer. So when this one was more personal and it failed to push itself throught the portal, I was pretty sad.


Luckily for me, out of nowhere @mysticskillz chose it for his upcoming movie :)

So I thank him and wish for the best. :)