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Posted by DESHIEL - May 5th, 2018

You americans are probably sleeping or in a very zombie like state right now, but it's Pico Day dudes so don't forget to stay on guard for juicy creations from the community! 

aaaaaaaanyway here is a link to my contribution for this year ;)



Posted by DESHIEL - April 27th, 2018


— Fu (@FuShark)
27. dubna 2018



Posted by DESHIEL - April 26th, 2018

Be honest, I don't bite...usualy


Posted by DESHIEL - April 16th, 2018


Posted by DESHIEL - April 5th, 2018

GamerHead, Gogogo

Posted by DESHIEL - April 1st, 2018

Some of you may know that Tom and I often spoted many similarities that we both shared, along with our love for cats. I used to think that it was a coincidence, but yesterday, @Tomfulp aproached me with a confession that there was more to it then just mere coincidence...

It all started in Prague, year 1992. Tom and his father would visit Czechoslovakia (it split later that year, perhaps theres a connection but thats not the focus of this story)

Tom was very upset with his brother and beged his father to give him a new one. His dad, a very kind man who loved to spoil Tom very much, agreed to grant his son's wish, but it had a catch...

"You must never tell Mommy, Tommy" he said and after that he met his son's glare with a wicked smile (animefuckface.jpg) and Tom, fully realising that his dad is about to do something epic in his sake, did the (animefuckface.jpg) aswel and they both laughed mischeviously, NOT realy alarming the crowd of czechoslovaks walking by.

"GOD, IT IS I... DAD FULP, and I command thee to lend me back the power that I entrusted to you!" His dad yelled and just like that, an amazing bolt of BLUE LIGHTNING SHOT DOWN FROM THE SKY (sry caps) and hit DAD Fulp in his neck. Revitalizing him and giving him a momentary Super Saiyan God Super Sayian Full Power  Ascended Perfect State look.

"Now Thomas D Fulp! Chose any woman in this street and I, your DAD will use her to bring you your new brother!"

Young Tom noded and inspired by his father, flashy new look sprung his point finger up in the air and proceeded to scan the woman sortiment in his vicinity.

"Just... No blacks, or Asian... or... OTHER THAN WHITE" said his father out of a sudden, interrupted young Tom's focus and then proceeded to pull out his hankerchief, which just like him, also transformed into its Super Saiyan God Super Sayian Full Power  Ascended Perfect State.

"THAT one'!" Yelled young Tom as he pointed into that one generic  czechoslovakian woman number 321341634

"Very well" said Dad Fulp and after a series of complicated JUTSU FINGER MOVEMENTS (sry caps again) his right hand suddently took the form of a finger hand gun and he proceeded to aim at the woman of Tom's choice and with a bang, instantly made her belly big like a packed green watermelon.

"Whew, I had to hold back, almost gave her twins" he said and then pleased with himself, summoned a gust of wind from his lips to calm down the smoke coming from the tip of his finger hand gun.

... and that's how young Deshiel was born.

Posted by DESHIEL - March 26th, 2018


Posted by DESHIEL - March 12th, 2018

Thanks to you, 1 000 views goal has been cleared and as I promised, Game Grinder is now ripe for the taking.

Posted by DESHIEL - March 10th, 2018

Not to metion that to my suprise, the track was frontpaged on march 6. Huge honor if you ask me. I absolutely didn't see that coming, especialy not with a track with  disabled download haha.

I'd like to use this opportunity to thank to @blackheart10 and @JTNightFury for thier  continuous support.

Thanks to the update of the favorite system I have obtained a proof that these two valliant newgrounders stuck with me for years on a great deal of my projects, both silly and serious entries. So thanks guys. I am now aware and very appreciating! :)

Posted by DESHIEL - March 1st, 2018


be it a week, a month, a year. I might keep this model up with everything "big and serious" I do.