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I didn't make any FL slayer track for a while!

2016-07-22 19:17:57 by Deshiel

Time to fix that. Already have a solid demo. Who wants a bitte?

edit: I decided to name the track Aer vs. Andrashi

Yes when I say Aer I mean this Aer :D


AIM preparations

2016-07-14 11:41:24 by Deshiel

Decided to begin working on my AIM contest entry.

My art of choice was created by @Yakovlevart and its called Dark Glass

What I envision for the track is something between



Happy robotday2016

2016-07-10 18:20:14 by Deshiel

As promised my own music entry has arrived today to keep you busy for a while and possibly entertain you as much as possible. I sort of broke my own legs on this one, because I miscalculated some stuff and it had an overall impact on my entry haah. SILLY DESHIEL

Also check this robotday entry. It carries alittle piece of mine inside, thus I feel obliged to share it around. :)


Robot Day 2016 is coming.

2016-07-05 06:43:31 by Deshiel

Brace yourselves.

I wonder how I am going to participate this year. With music ofcourse, but what kind of music? Will it be similar to my entry from last year?

Or will it be something akin to the one I posted in 2014?

OR! Could it be something simple like the stuff from 2013?!

Find out on july 10 ;)

Which one do you like more? :)

2016-06-21 00:33:04 by Deshiel

Which one do you like more? :)


I love this guy's work

2016-06-12 07:57:18 by Deshiel

He's only on soundcloud tho. If you are okay with his stuff. Follow him :)


Made this new music :)

2016-06-07 20:35:49 by Deshiel

Wanted to make something. You know the feeling when you want to create right? 

Didn't want to start from scratch tho, so I opened up the Dark Happiness track I made with @Orrigin and went full Deshiel on it. :D

also edited a free wallpaper for the youtube upload.


Reboot2016 NG social Music event Wrap-up

2016-05-20 14:56:03 by Deshiel

I asked fellow newgrounds musicians to go, pick up thier old work and try give it another try with thier current skills.

It is very cool to know that so many have answered my call and found themselves siting back next to thier old projects they probably would never bring up again.

Here is the list of all the rebooted tracks and thier originals. It always starts with the original and the reboot below!




@Akaruhime (couldn't be embedded)











And that was everything created for the Reboot2016. Thanks everyone for participating. If you find a track you like, be it the original or the reboot. Do let the author know and them if you didn't already :)

wow the frame got all crazy. This is not how I have positioned your names. Also I hit the embed limit so the last guy will have to be featured nonbed.


Check out this guy

2016-05-15 08:22:59 by Deshiel

Help him reach 300 fans! Become his fan!


Love Picoday2016

2016-05-08 08:00:18 by Deshiel

I tried to hang around the picoDay chat as much as I could. BBS regulars made sure that it was not boring. Whoever brought up the chat idea is a very brilliant man. This way we could enjoy picoday without having to be there.

But that fucking OPEN WINDOW spreading all its whiteness in the stream was horrible.

Something sweet happened during this picoday tho. As you may know I happen to make random music from time to time, so its only natural for me to make something for newgrounds events and Newgrounds User events like the one I am doing now. 

So yeah I made a track with Fan favorite's FL Slayer. But the cool thing that happened?

@antiskill published his art entry for picoday and I found it while I was listening to the track I made.

I was like... Oh my gosh it fits the museek so much, almost like we worked on the same thing. (my opinion)

So I contacted him and he gave me a permishun to publish the combo of my music and his art on youtube, so that I could droll on it anytime I wanted.