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Posted by DESHIEL - May 11th, 2019

I didn't make anything this year because I was very busy and I didnt make room for this in my schedule, but I also failed to broker a collab with some movie or a game. Last year showed that people prefer art and games over standalone music entries and we all got very little attention from people interested in PicoDay content.

So even tho I don't have any new stuff this year, I still decided to maybe remind you/introduce to/of my previous picoday tracks

Posted by DESHIEL - May 8th, 2019

Nothing fancy, just moving crates around for 11 hours. But its not far from home and the money is decent for the local standarts. If nothing happens I plan to slowly buy some awesome software for future music production. As you know I already own Fruity Loops 20 and shreddage 2. Next stop will be something for cinematic work. And who knows, maybe I'll do a whole month worth of overtimes and buy a full version of kontakt haha


Posted by DESHIEL - May 2nd, 2019

The question is, do I have what it takes to be of use in madness games and movies?

Check out my latest work and let me know if there's some potential in my style.

I also put it on youtube with art provided by @eviltroto

older stuff




Posted by DESHIEL - April 8th, 2019

Will I ever learn haha


Posted by DESHIEL - March 29th, 2019

I spent more time pushing my brain throught creative block than actualy working on it.

The resulting fatigue, mixed with need to fight resulted in this.In the end I sort of did give up, but I still wanted to participate.

Total work time: 8 hours

Posted by DESHIEL - February 22nd, 2019

I suffer from random inspiration attacks, makes me stop with one thing and begin the next D;


Posted by DESHIEL - February 4th, 2019

I'm busting my creative ass to come up with some industrial battle action music haha

and I promised myself that I wont rush this one like I usualy do so you gonna have to wait for a full version for a while.



Posted by DESHIEL - January 24th, 2019

You guys can already tell that I enjoy making tunes and if you stuck around for a long time you might also know that I sometimes dabble with photoshop and graphic design. 

Now the next ability I realy want is to be able to draw. I want to draw my own characters, I want to be able to tell a story or convey my feelings throught drawings and therefore I look up to people who can, like @deathink 

The desire never truly fades, but a lack of self esteem often pushed me back or discouraged me from actively trying to practice no matter how much I preped myself for the challenge (psychically) .  I visited a bookstore today, not as a visitor, but as a companion to my friend who realy likes reading. We share a lot of confidentality between each other, so she knows a lot about me and I about her. 

So while she promised that she'll be done quick (they never are) she pushed me infront of a shelf with a lot of motivational stuff and there was this yellow book. This book was about how to master any craft you want in 20 hours. Out of curiosity and because IT DID call out to my desires about drawing, I picked it up. But I didnt read anything other than the introduction for the reader by the author, because that part alone had everything I needed.

It made me realise that everytime I gave up going foward, it was not because I had low self confidence, it was the frustration caused by running into an obstacle, which at the time, I was unable to overcome ( drawing fingers, shapes, projecting angles) 

So if I try again and I will run into something I CANNOT DO LIKE DEATHINK DID, I will not back away this time, because this time I will remind myself that its just a feeling, that will fade, its natural to have it and if I realy want to get closer to the level of my idols, I have to keep working at it and I will identify and contain the frustration that would normally make me quit. With that I believe I can move foward.

So what about you? Got something you realy wanna learn, but you droped it because you felt like you don't meet the skillset?



Posted by DESHIEL - January 4th, 2019

My soul has been lost.

I bring you two versions. One with and one without vocals. 

With Vocals and Without Vocals 


Posted by DESHIEL - December 27th, 2018

Still here, Not much to show, with so much stuff to do IRL I mostly reserve my musical whims to the game I'm helping with. I'm still whistling my cat's anthem ya know, so I didn't give that up. I want to release one last submission for this year, thats how I seal the deal every year, so stay tuned haha.

here's what I'm currently busy with