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Try to beat my score!

2013-11-28 10:02:11 by Deshiel

Try to beat my score in this lovely snake game that happens to be powered by my music. :D

Try to beat my score!

I love it when.

2013-11-26 22:26:08 by Deshiel

I have this composing block and then I'll just look at something or remember something and suddently I can't handle all theose ideas. :3

Cmon guys lets do this!

2013-11-21 17:40:00 by Deshiel

Lets get this babe to reach 1K downloads.! :D

and one hundred over here. :D

I made a twitter account

2013-11-20 10:48:30 by Deshiel

Who wants to halp me to settle in? :)

So much stuff to do :D

2013-11-19 09:52:24 by Deshiel

Began working on Teravex's reward.
Half way done with the remix of chaosxiii's track.
Making tons of random stuff between the main projects.

and somehow, like as if I were possesed by a ghost or sumthing. I woke up early in the morning with only one thing in my mind! To make this babe.

Whoever replies first will get a cover of his song!

Don't have realy anything new to say

2013-11-06 11:45:08 by Deshiel

But I have this urge to write something into my news feed, so how about we do something entirely different.
I'm going to link you into the most recent youtube videos that have taken mah music for thier own dark deeds.

He used Chipfusion[WIP] for the INTRO/OUTRO

I don't know... when I play games like that, I usualy listen to metal.

Here comes the only dude from this bunch that was concerned enough to ask for my permishun. :)
MightyMinotaurs MINECRAFT adventures

New music ;)

2013-10-28 15:15:05 by Deshiel

Made this today in two hours.

I could have given much more effort into this, I KNOW.
It's actualy difficult for me to just save the thing and come back to it later, but I have this impulse that I have to patch the thing up and release it.

If you like this kind of music, or my style in particular, then I hope that you will enjoy this piece, brought exclusively from my mind.

Thank you for your time. ;)

New music ;)

What is next

2013-10-27 05:09:07 by Deshiel

I'm going to make some sort of a battle music between my favorite characters, ELECTRO STYLE. :D
because im bored.

Fellow newgrounder tried to compliment me, by claiming that my music is far better than the average stuff on newgrounds.
Clearly he didn't listen to my earlier creations lol, where most of them don't even posses a replay value, which is kinda critical when you consider the subject being music.

Anyway I actualy managed to squeeze out something cool that I'm realy proud of. (even tho I know that when the euphoria from the job well done runs out, I will start to hate it just like any other composer does lol)