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Help me :)

2015-12-10 21:03:10 by Deshiel

I want to get 100 fans on facebook and twitter so that I can brag about it to my father. :)

Help me! 


Seriously tho. I enjoy posting stuff that I make here on my facebook and twitter so if you are realy curious about what I am doing and you cannot find me throught the rest of the people you follow, you can always visit me there.

I also love chating, so you can always message or comment on the stuff I type there. :)

If you already subscribed to me. Thanks a lot! 


I'm 23 today

2015-12-10 12:36:44 by Deshiel

Fkit... I wanna be 12 again.



Made myself a patreon today

2015-12-07 09:14:35 by Deshiel

Today was the tenth time somebody recommended me to do this.

I decided to give it a try. Don't worry I don't have any high hopes or some sort of expectation lol


but if this will help me to get better resources for music (shreddage2, ni massive and etc...) It's worth the try no? xD

I fiddle in fruity loops almost every day and  I would realy love to work with something else other than sytrus, fl slayer and harmor for a change :D


Patreon is a big unknown place for me tho and I am not clear about how I should behave on that page, what exactly is my role. If you are generous enought to give me some tips about how to do my patreon, I will be gratefful :)

Wanna use this in your project?

2015-12-05 14:10:57 by Deshiel

Is it even worth your time? Let me know. :)

lets maek a gaim

2015-11-30 13:48:51 by Deshiel

@kkots - big coding skills

@BakayaroDaWickrayz - paints naked women in his free time = big painting skills

@LarryNachos - ... I guess he is my backup if all of the above fails.

Lets make a small game together peeps.

Do you like anime? Here is something that you may like

2015-11-14 08:39:17 by Deshiel

@KarlSia not only draws Anime, but he also Animates it! Check out his page and support him by becoming his follower on both here and youtube

Also check this new kewl signature from


I want Fallout 4

2015-11-11 17:31:27 by Deshiel

Care to donate? It will make my music better I swear! >2337063_144728108732_tumblr_mme8lgiqft1r6qc5eo1_500.gif:3

Check out my awesome choice of wallpaper :)

This track would surely fit in some project, wanna use it in yours? Contact me ;)


Make love to me and...

2015-10-17 13:14:13 by Deshiel

Follow me on youtube please :)




2015-10-15 11:38:25 by Deshiel

Say hi! ;)