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Made something for Dem NG events

2016-01-24 10:32:58 by Deshiel

This baby to celebrate the pixelday

And this biach to dominate my Frenemies! In our battle.


Was this realy so bad? :D

2016-01-17 21:45:50 by Deshiel

It wasn't reacieved very well. :D

Check this out :)

2016-01-14 05:56:55 by Deshiel

Check it on youtube too and subscribe to me if you want to make me feel happy :)


Musicians! I am Looking for your music again

2016-01-10 09:55:20 by Deshiel

If you make energetic and destructive music that will give me a big power up while gaming, post a link and let me have it :)

Your music has to be intense, fast paced and agressive. 

Something that goes well with shooting things. :)

Here is an example

I'm just little low on music right now and I want to listen to something new while I play.



Fun fact #2

2016-01-06 08:51:54 by Deshiel

This track didn't make it to the NGADM 2013. Yet it was the only track associated with it that appeared in best of the month and best of the year in audio portal... not just once, but several times.


It felt realy good, because I thought that I have failed, but then I realised that I had won... elsewhere. :D





I am hypnotizing this

2016-01-05 19:19:57 by Deshiel

Checking out regularly, waiting for the download counter to finaly reach my sweet 500. Will you help? :)




fun fact

2016-01-03 17:33:50 by Deshiel

This track might or might not actualy sound like it but it has been quite emotional for me.

I was literally geting rid of my frustration and my feelings for a certain newgrounder here that I knew that I care too much about. In 2012 I still thought that I can still be that guy that can just not feel whenever I want. 


Collaboration between me and my long lost music apperentice! @Orrigin   Tell us what you think! Comment on youtube or right here on newgrounds!   and follow us if you haven't already :)   Also if you make music in similar style and we don't know each other, don't be shy to show me. I might end up following you too! :)  




New game in the works

2015-12-17 05:17:36 by Deshiel


Me and several brave individuals are working on a new game!

Here is the first concept art of one of the upcoming characters.

Her name is Aer. 

Character created by @Deshiel

Concept created by @BakayaroDaWickrayz

Do me a favor and follow Wickrayz


Audio Flashback

2015-12-12 09:41:08 by Deshiel

I am seeing it in my production. I hear it in production of my fellow friends. What is it? Experience?

pick up some track from the present and some from the past for comparison. :)