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Raising money for new headphones

2016-03-29 12:12:13 by Deshiel

You might have heard the story. 

My old studio headphones have passed away in an unrepairable state. I need some to make decent music.

I always uploaded my music for free for everyone to enjoy. But the loss of my headphones has put me to a very stressfull situation. I cannot enjoy music and its very devastating for my music production, which I wish to continue.

I have created this track called Fragile Sound to have something in return for your support.

So if you want to support me and help me to do what I love, please head over to bandcamp and buy my track.

Thanks. :)

<a href="">Fragile Sound by Deshiel</a>

Or you can ignore me, but take a look at this mangificent album by @Daydream-Anatomy

Money from his album goes to charity.

It features two remixes made by me. ;)

<a href="">Recurring Daydream Vol. 2 by Daydream Anatomy and Various Artists</a>


Roleplaying forum game community that I am a member of since 2006 has moved to a new forum which supports "theme songs" feature that you can play on every post you make.

So I am finaly going to fully utilise this theme song I made for my character.

Yay ^^


Just like this :) 



Wondering what to do next

2016-03-21 10:29:47 by Deshiel

Even without mah HEDPHUNs I still want to make some stuff so I was thinking about UPGRADING this track from 2014 with my current 2016 skills :)


...sometimes miracles happen


When I made this track, I ended up falling in love with it. So I was hoping that this track would get atleast 100+ downloads but the counter has stoped on 28 many months ago. I enjoy making random stuff but that sometimes gets more attention and feedback than I would actualy prefer. So when this one was more personal and it failed to push itself throught the portal, I was pretty sad.


Luckily for me, out of nowhere @mysticskillz chose it for his upcoming movie :)

So I thank him and wish for the best. :)


"You made FL slayer sound good"

2016-03-05 06:35:32 by Deshiel

This has been messaged to me on various ocassions, believe it or not. xD

Track after track I relentlessly experimented with the infamous FL Slayer in a quest to find a reasonable delivery of great sound. If you work with something and you hate it from the beginning (many of you tried to lead me away from this plug) then it will be difficult for you to find progress, because you won't believe in progression since u hate the plug. But if you are like me, eager to experiment and persistent, you might find a way.

I found a way to make decent use of it. All the lame tracks I uploaded all served its purpose. They brought this.

download link:


Music on hold haha

2016-02-27 02:49:16 by Deshiel

Won't be making any music till I get a new job and new headphones haha. That does not mean that I won't be abusing the power of my charisma here on newgrounds so don't be afraid... don't be relieved that I won't be around because I will be and I will feed you with links to the stuff that I already made :D

Today I decided to throw up a FL slayer compilation of tracks, experimental and proper because even my best ones are garbage anyway ;D


Future goals

2016-02-17 13:24:46 by Deshiel

If I had to pick one particular goal for my music future, I would say that my goal is to one day be able to make music like this :) 


What are your goals?

You can find more tracks here on newgrounds in my lost sector playlist. :)

For they are delicious!