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This track needs female vocals!

2015-10-11 10:26:59 by Deshiel

Any volunteers? 


Happy Madness Day Everyone!

2015-09-21 16:48:50 by Deshiel

Check out this awesome art by @BakayaroDaWickrayz while you listen to my madness day 2015 music! These two are deeply connected ya know. :)

2337063_144290791213_madness-day-project-final.png Click on the icons to go to BakayaroDaWickrayz's art directly :)


If you want to hear more Madness combat inspired music by me, feel free to visit my Madness combat playlist. :)



Madness day is coming soon

2015-09-19 06:27:25 by Deshiel

So is my & @Lich 's music entry. xD

I managed to learn more about madness music from @Djjaner nearly a year ago, so this year's entry might be better than the previous years. Who knows. :)

Here are some madness tracks that I created in the past while we wait for the madness day.

The new one will sound much better :)

Im a huge numberdophile! Follow me on soundcloud and if you have your own account, I will follow you back. :)

Even Lucy endorses my page! :)


I joined a game developing team

2015-08-26 15:09:04 by Deshiel

They are working on a badass game and I joined them to make some museek.

I originaly disabled downloads but I decided to put them back in. No dowload here feels kinda unnatural for me.

In case that some fellow newgrounder wanted to tap that piece of sound. :3

Thanks for listening to my music. :)

You can't deny that I am geting better

2015-08-02 03:33:56 by Deshiel

In FL Slayer xD

Me and NG contests

2015-08-01 04:38:17 by Deshiel

I decided to make a news post where I list all of my tracks I made for newgrounds contests, ranging from robot day to some survivor stuff (@samulis)... and even tried NATA once xd.

Can't realy say that they are awesome, or good, but each of these pieces had something I didn't usualy provide in the past.... and that was... special care!  (we all know by now that I am a lazy ass xD)

Robot day 2013/2014/2015


MadnessDay 2013/2014


A.I.M contest 2013/2014/2015


PicoDay 2015 

NATA 2013

NG Deserted Island Contest 2015

It was nice to sum up what I have been doing these past few years. :)

Thunderous act 2?

2015-07-25 05:14:26 by Deshiel

I want to upgrade Thunderous act with my 2015 skills.

Will you gimme your blessings dear newgrounders? Or should I let it gooooo?


Hello all!

2015-07-25 05:06:43 by Deshiel

Say hi to me!



Happy robot day 2015

2015-07-10 13:30:24 by Deshiel

2337063_143665157542_ROBOTDAY2015.jpgIt's that day of the year that is all about robots and stuff!

Check out the music I did for the occasion.

Don't forget to check out the other robot day songs from other newgrounds musicians ;)