Entry #286

All music projects put on hold.

2017-08-22 20:39:22 by Deshiel

Untill I figure this out. It's not something I want to talk about publicly thought, but know that I do want to continue making music and there are several off-NG projects that I am part of and they will be forced to go on without me for a while. I'll be back with some new track, but it will probably take few months.

Cheers and best wishes to whoever reads this.


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2017-08-23 00:40:54

Good luck, don't let pain get the better of you, or let it make decisions.


2017-08-26 11:11:30

Nothing wrong taking some time off.

Deshiel responds:

But I have all these ideas in my head man and I can't work on them D;


2017-08-26 11:58:08

That's good to have ideas, just don't force it.