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Need your opinion on this

2017-06-27 15:22:22 by Deshiel

My current headphones are AKG K518 Black DJ edition

In the long run they do not hold a candle to my old Sennheiser HD 438.

Right now I am plannin to buy


Is AKG K 240 STUDIO better than AKG K518 Black DJ edition? I hope so. If not find me a better one around the same price (can be higher ofc but not by thousands ;D )




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2017-06-27 16:39:18

Well the AKG K 240 STUDIO seems like a perfect choice :)


2017-06-27 18:04:44

The K240 has been around since the 70s, they're fairly well regarded and a lot of stuff can be bought seperately and replaced if it goes to shit i.e. the cable, the foam etc. Should be good for mixing, can't tell you how they compare to the model you've got as i've never seen or heard those.

That said i stand by what i've always told you : save up for a pair of studio monitors. The years just keep going by and you're still producing so eventualy you're going to run out of excuses :3

Deshiel responds:

But are they good? Hearing that they are older than you doesn't realy sound very appealing. :D I need modern technology :D


2017-06-28 10:15:50

Da hell dude, new headphones already?

Deshiel responds:

Had them for two years now :)


2017-07-05 03:09:30

Yeah they're good, don't worry about their heritage, a pair you buy now will obviously have newer tech inside then a 40 yr old version.