Entry #106

Should I go for it?

2014-03-25 08:31:23 by Deshiel

Hi my Dear,
Am miss Amanda,i view your profile hear and became interested to
know you, please dear i want you to contact me with this email id
(amenderoromo@yahoo.com) to enable me send my Details and pictures
to you for us to know each other better i hope to hear from you.
Yours new friend,

Seems legit huh, ;D


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2014-03-25 08:34:31

She sent me 2 pm's, overly attached bot ^^

Deshiel responds:

I got only one... Kinda jelly here. >.<


2014-03-25 11:15:40

I didn't go for it, also, I responded to the message and I just got it AGAIN.

Also, don't go for it, it could be a virus...

Deshiel responds:

Nooooooo I'm sure that she's hot an she digs me. :D :D


2014-03-25 14:40:44

yeah ja tu amandu miluju! :D :D takovy teply spam. xD

Deshiel responds:

Amanda je takovy genericky jmeno na strankach typu yahoo, neuveril by si co se tam vsechno resi. :<


2014-03-25 16:43:37

I didn't get a message.
I'm pretty sure the IP is banned by now.

Deshiel responds:

Thats cuz you're a walking antivirus. ;)

Mail me with some "project" updates while you're at it, I'll gladly test something if you need me to.


2014-03-27 08:41:02

I was stupid, I replied to her/his PM :(
After googling the email adress she/he provided, this PM seems to be universal XD