Super awesome movie about a black demon thing.

2014-01-31 17:28:41 by Deshiel

You shoulda check it out you know. ;)


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2014-01-31 17:32:48

Haha.. keep it dude.. very funny.. i rated 5 !
>:D >:C


2014-01-31 18:04:53

Your music is used in yet another NG submission. Getting popular.
We need ONE such submission to reach frontpage, so that you get what you deserve.

Deshiel responds:

I was thinking that maybe we could try to achieve that together, but I don't want to push you with all that hard work you have ahead of yourself, maybe after Releqium is done we could discuss what I have on my mind. ;)


2014-01-31 19:08:02

I'll be glad if you push me after I'm done with Releqium.
Releqium won't make it to front page, just noting.
And I am more capable than I seem to be.


2014-02-01 09:39:02

Although I should not say that if I can't get Releqium on the front page.. I'm capable not in that kind of sense... in programming I mean. Alright 'dis not the place for idle talk. 'Dis honorable comments section. Shutting up in 3..2..1..*explosion*


2014-02-01 14:09:33