Now it's your time to shine mah brudarz!

2013-12-29 03:35:30 by Deshiel

Link me in to your newest creations and I'll five the life (lol that actualy rhymes) out of them.

Maybe I'll add a review aswel. ;)


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2013-12-29 04:34:51

Well, there's the Audio Secret Santa stuff, but while it's still time.... I'm going to link the Christmas stuff in this.

Deshiel responds:

Done, done aaaand done. Keep up the good work. I was pleasantly suprised by all of them.


2013-12-29 07:58:34

Daaaamn I made not an audio submission, and it's not a submission, it's a news post, and I don't want people to tell me they like it, I want constructive criticism so that I may actually know how good my drawing skills are.
But you musicians seem to have formed a warm community around here. Wish same was for programmers, animators. But no, only for artists and musicians. The rest is too technically complicated to be taken lightly and as some kind of enjoyable creative process.

Deshiel responds:

Hehe Maybe I'll just wish you late merry christmas there, like the rest of them.
No just kiddin.

The Audio portal is no different from the rest of the portals, we just have more artists than the other portals and because of that, many start to believe that we are better.


2013-12-29 13:56:27

Eh, I'm glad you loved those three. ^_^ Did my best -- felt like I wanted to pull my hair out too, when FL Studio was taking forfreakingever exporting.... x

Deshiel responds:

Story of our lives it seems ;)