Go check this pile of awesomeness

2013-12-27 02:52:58 by Deshiel

Music written and composed by Wandschrank

Girly moaning performed  by Wandschrank (who clearly didn't drink enought beer and now sounds like a woman.)



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2013-12-27 09:30:39

Nope. Your sexy shower moaning was way funnier than that. At least on the first listen.


2013-12-28 02:01:53

XD I thought he just got someone to do that I didn't know that was him!

Deshiel responds:

It was supposed to be a secret ;)


2014-01-04 11:10:08

Here's the truth: I AM a woman.

Thanks for the free advertising, though. :D

Deshiel responds:

It wasn't free, it was weĺl deserved. ;)