Diging my own grave in three...two...one...

2013-11-12 13:27:56 by Deshiel

Whoever replies first will get a cover of his song!


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2013-11-12 13:38:55

*patiently does not reply to let others reply first*


2013-11-12 15:14:49

Damn I wish I got here first

(Updated ) Deshiel responds:

He's not a musician so... ITS YOU!
Chose any track from your newgrounds uploads. ;)


2013-11-12 16:17:52

oh oh
something awesome will happen for sure


2013-11-12 16:39:18

Damn, next time maybe... :(

Can't wait to listen to it. Perhaps I'll cover one of your songs.

Deshiel responds:

That would be enteraining. Which, the cinematic wannabes or the electronic stuff? :D


2013-11-12 17:15:14

Something like both. I got a plan. A dirty one.

Deshiel responds:

get on it an maybe I'll return the favor. ;)


2013-11-12 18:34:47

Well I honestly think you should pick instead of me picking for you.
It'd be easier for you to pick because it let's you pick a song that sounds like a perfect fit for your expertise.

Deshiel responds:

Well if you realy insist, then I will pick one myself, but that will take away half of the fun.


2013-11-15 23:50:43

I'm just commenting :) Hi!

Deshiel responds:



2013-11-16 10:27:50

but what If I still want a cover done? :/

Deshiel responds:

Mayyyyybe when I'm done with Tera's reward. ;)