New music ;)

2013-10-28 15:15:05 by Deshiel

Made this today in two hours.

I could have given much more effort into this, I KNOW.
It's actualy difficult for me to just save the thing and come back to it later, but I have this impulse that I have to patch the thing up and release it.

If you like this kind of music, or my style in particular, then I hope that you will enjoy this piece, brought exclusively from my mind.

Thank you for your time. ;)

New music ;)


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2013-10-29 10:12:53

I believe that if you could find a way to organize & write down the work on your projects you'd be able to easily come back to work every day. Unless you don't perceive audio composing as work, and only as entertainment for your own amusement.


2013-10-30 11:39:25

Okay then. To make usable music you need to imagine a particular use for it, before composing. A regular usable track would probably be oriented on a fight/conflict theme. Conflict consists of tension, a bit of aggression, various moods mixed not together, but rather separated (unless you want to make Abnormal again) over some time. This kind of music should be pretty active, not lifted up from ground too much, detailed and keeping attention to itself. Music about conflicts usually features build-ups and some structure close to that of orchestral pieces. So study Beethoven, and other classics. You can mix in terror mood (for when fighting a terrible large creature), suspense, honor/bravery/heroic mood. A conflict can have a setting, too. For ex. if the battle is taking place in a futuristic setting against robots, electronic syncs would be fitting. If the battle is fantasy or medieval, use chorus, trumpets, drums, elephants being raped, church organ huh?, I'm really not good at all this I'd better shut up, I said too much already. Forget all that you've read immediately.


2013-11-03 12:11:16

"I could have given much more effort into this"

What kind of EXCUSE is this??? :|

Deshiel responds:

that I am far more powerfull than you can possibly Imagine, but I never harness enough dedication to prove it. :)


2013-11-03 22:03:35

You're more powerful than me? *Die Laughing*

How's that 'electro-cinematic' of your coming?

Deshiel responds:

It's going well, but I've put it on hold, because I am now occupied with an upcoming game that is going to feature my tracks and I decided to assist a little bit further.

I don't usualy take breaks from my projects, I usualy wrap them up and release them once I'm out of "willpower" as you say. But this is one of those rare tracks that actualy has me coming back to it from time to time, filling it with new ideas and renewed energy supplies every day.

I will probably release a ton of fast made stuff, like I always do before I release that, cuz thats how I function.


2013-11-05 14:36:25

:( You old music is good. Now you're changing, that's sad...

Deshiel responds:



2013-11-05 15:04:09

Wrong, expanding is a stupid word. I hate you... :(