What is next

2013-10-27 05:09:07 by Deshiel

I'm going to make some sort of a battle music between my favorite characters, ELECTRO STYLE. :D
because im bored.


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2013-10-27 07:00:25

I was reviewing tracks based on whether I'd use them in a game/movie or not.
Then I was reviewing tracks based on some review form that made little sense.
Then I was reviewing tracks based on how different they are from what you usually make.
Then I stopped reviewing.

Deshiel responds:

chaotic huh ;D


2013-10-27 13:44:16

No. I just realized that my reviews don't change anything. Writing reviews is pointless and helps no one. If I don't get satisfied from writing reviews, then why waste time on them.

Deshiel responds:

I'm sure that it's not like that.
When I'm reading your reviews, I am absorbing them right into my very soul. Your reviews both positive and negative are always welcome and I'm happy to read them, because it's a proof that you are interested in what I am doing.

The reason that you feel that your reviews do not change anything, might be coming from the fact that while we do read and process your thoughts in the review, it's near impossible to fully cary them over to the next project for various reasons.

You see a project is like a paper and outside influence, like thoughts, tips and reviews are like some info on small pieces of paper that we hold close to our own paper with the project inside.
The thing is that once we are done with our project, we throw it aside with everything related to it.


2013-10-27 13:50:11

What? Ahaha! I came first.


2013-10-27 13:50:56

Well, if u need help with, I can always come...

Deshiel responds:

hmm, how about that I'll tell you what to do and you do the track for me ;D