My ears are trolling me!

2013-10-04 12:22:18 by Deshiel

Seriously, when I was done with this track, it sounded so cool! Now it sounds like a mashed up pile of garbage that I am responsible for. :( WHYYYYYYYY EARS... *SOB* SOB* WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!


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2013-10-04 14:13:21

What? Something exported not as planned?
I was right when I said I somehow didn't like it overall?

Deshiel responds:

Oh its just that the full dive-in to the frequencies and volume overlaping is never an easy job.


2013-10-04 14:25:31

Once you get yourself a pair of studio monitors and/or studio headphones your ears will no longer deceive you, though they will get tired and may even hurt (!) during prolonged/loud sessions.

Untill then you're pretty much confined to guessing your way around a mix :3

Deshiel responds:

Oh well I still have to wait for that kind of luxury ;D


2013-10-04 17:20:24

Put some distortion then it will be fine

(no don't do it, it's a pun)


2013-10-07 11:10:36

Ah, for the first time ever I stumble upon a newspost linking to a track I've already heard. Now I can just leave a comment without leaving a review, what supreme relief! Awesome!! Supreme bliss!!! Sublime life!!!! Nice work btw.