New playlist - best of Deshiel ;D

2013-09-20 04:38:44 by Deshiel

We all know that mister Deshiel here makes way too many tracks and kind of prevents the majority of people to ACTUALY find the music they might have been looking for.B y spaming them with my lewd creations from boredoom. :D

I'm geting these comments regarding my astounding number of tracks from time to time and after a small conversation with my lad, I've decided to make a playlist where I'll put the better pieces from my library, because I can imagine that many of you simply don't have the energy to sit down and browse through Deshiel's garbage. :)

CAUTION- This playlist involves the bette pieces made in this year.
2012,2011,2010,2009,2008 are not included.

Desh's best of 2013 <--- clicky


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2013-09-20 11:46:49

Oh my god, finally!
I was just getting exhausted by listening to each track with its name supposing "something" and trying to decide whether it's OK or not from the first 10 seconds.
Man, you really helped everyone out.
I think you should do this for years 2010, 2011, 2012. But who knows, maybe certain people need that one "lewd" track that would fit exactly for their needs or whatever ...


2013-09-20 16:32:54

What the guy below me said.


2013-09-20 18:51:24



2013-09-26 11:55:54

incoming pootis

Deshiel responds: