Question of the Day!

2013-07-18 02:31:34 by Deshiel

Who would like to remix this? ( FL project file)


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2013-07-18 05:53:07

1) I'd remix it if I had FL.
2) You'll get 100% ad revenue from my game.
3) The game ... will ... >.> ... be released this year.
4) I made fan art. But it's no longer about you since you took off those aw'sum sunglasses.

Deshiel responds:

1) would be cool, cuz I already have a feeling that you would do a good job.
2) don't need it. Even my own music aint giving me revenue.
3) shit... :D
4) both the previous and my current avatar are nothing but an edit of one original, which is here in my art submissions. :)


2013-07-18 10:58:39

1) it's not metal
2) See 1st option.
3) See 2nd option.

Deshiel responds:

Nobody stops you from TRANSFORMING IT into metal :D