2013-07-06 17:22:40 by Deshiel

Check out my music and fall in love with me. ;)

Want me to follow you back?! Just lemme know in the comments.

Thank you for listening!


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2013-07-06 17:33:56

Sure thing dude! Followed you, follow me back! And go check out Motorjoust while you are at it!

Deshiel responds:

Lol that game will take some time to beat. That second opponent defeated me just now :(


2013-07-06 18:31:20

Keep at it Deshiel! Don't forget to use left and right to balance, just go slow :)

Deshiel responds:

LoL I've saved many precious health points by balancing on the front wheel like a pro. ;D


2013-07-06 18:48:17

If I think as a game designer, then the Attack of the Insane sounds fitting to an underground, laboratory, ruined futuristic metropolis type of location. It is really great, amazing. Metal pipes/tubes on walls all the way & broken computers. The echoing drum gives postapocalyptic and abandoned feel and I really like it.

Thunderous act should play on Canabalt game. It is much more fitting than what author put on it. Thnderous is some sort of futuristic or industrial track which is very suitable for fast-paced action.

I used the {DeterminatioN} track for a dark, magical forest (those ringing bells add enigmatic mood to the track). Because it fit into there 100%, like a puzzle piece I was looking for for all those 3 years. And it's usable in a game, since it's got the rhythm that points to action.

The start of mysterious track v2 suggests a boss or a similar large threat entering the area, but the further parts reveal no tension build-up or any form of climax, so I guess the player is expected to run from the threat, escape it rather than face it.

To sum it up, all your tracks are about a dark or evil location which is either a haunted enchanted forest, or is an abandoned laboratory or mutant-populated sewer. And the pace is for running. Or dancing at disco. Too fast, in other words.


2013-07-06 18:59:38

fucking stupid fuckign audioi portal fucking carshing my fuckign

Deshiel responds:

You'll get used to it ;)


2013-07-06 22:50:44

why havnt you followed me back yet? lol

Deshiel responds:

cuz I already am your follower silly ;)


2013-07-07 04:47:51

i swear... whatever.


2013-07-07 04:48:21

also what about that collab?


2013-07-07 16:11:55


.. oh, wait. :<


2013-07-07 17:29:53

I hate you, and i'm gonna beat you up.


2013-07-11 04:55:13

You changed avatar 40 seconds ago.
Now I don't know how to draw you - with glasses or without... Grrrr.

Deshiel responds:

draw the real me. :D


2013-07-12 11:00:00

What's up with the tits tag? I clicked on the tits tag from your Thunderous act and all I got in search is 50 tracks out of which 3 are yours. Also, tits is the ONLY tag found in Thunderous act.

Deshiel responds:

its nothing else but a remaining tag from a little joke that I did for this certain woman on newgrounds. :D