Desh is now offline

2013-04-03 11:07:13 by Deshiel

My own internet connection has been permanently sewered.

I might get new internet to my new place in one or two months, so I won't be around for an unestimated period of time.
Wish me lux boys and...

If you like me, like I like you all, you will leave me a comment here! :)

Let's see how many ppl actualy liked to have me around :)

My guess is... 3 :D


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2013-04-03 11:16:43

u seem pretty cool

Deshiel responds:

thats pretty nice ;)


2013-04-03 12:40:39

Bye o/

Deshiel responds:

I'll be back. B-)


2013-04-03 15:39:29

Come back when you want.. Or when you can.

Deshiel responds:

I got myself a USB internet device so I can be online for a limited time.


2013-04-03 19:15:51

wrong again

Deshiel responds:

aye ;)


2013-04-04 12:55:47

More than 3!

Deshiel responds:

I'm shocked :)


2013-04-05 16:02:11

Stay sharp!


2013-04-09 00:14:45

Of course I want you to come back. We are best buds we chat all the time.

Deshiel responds:

ofc ;)


2013-04-11 07:17:11

My romantic lovesong is nearly finished.

Deshiel responds:

gimme your bromance!


2013-04-12 01:44:21

Make more music will you're off line. I wan moar of your music.

Deshiel responds:

That's a great idea! :)


2013-04-15 18:56:22

HEy man get back online we have a collab to finish bruddah!!!

Hope to see you soon,