Does somebody like this?

2013-02-01 13:26:01 by Deshiel

I'm asking, because this time I've tried to impress :D

Does somebody like this?


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2013-02-01 13:53:57

I do.
Never heard any of your material, but this one sounds pretty pro. With the exception of the overuse of cymbals, it sounds like a good game soundtrack. Deftly done my good man.

Deshiel responds:

thank you kind sir. ;)


2013-02-01 21:46:51

very good beat, i could shoot many zombies to this. like the comment with the cymbals, they were slightly over zealous. for sure put this with a good sniping montage or shoot em up


2013-02-01 22:26:41

Left a review! Iz kinda fun, but it needs some love.