I was always wondering...

2012-11-26 17:48:59 by Deshiel

How could an absolute tard like me get so many fans? :D


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2012-11-26 18:00:37

Probably because of the fact you upload a metric fuck-ton of audio.

Deshiel responds:

haha! :D


2012-11-26 20:19:51

I agree with Yoshiii on this one. The more audio one uploads, the more likely someone will become a fan of it eventually, provided you're putting out half decent tracks.

Deshiel responds:

Yeah I'm also aware that my "mega upload" might have turned some former fans into zerobombers because they didn't get what they were hoping for. :/


2012-11-27 00:57:33

I think its great you have so many.
I have, like, seven.
Thats not too bad, right?


Deshiel responds:

My only problem is that i cannot categorize my tracks into "full songs" ( big effort)

"practice songs" and my quickies (mini effort, most of them done in 20 minutes)


2012-11-27 14:52:41

Wizardry I tell you, a spell to snare us all into listening to your awesomesauce tracks was cast.

Deshiel responds:

But by whom?! :3