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About my variety of genres

2013-12-15 22:36:35 by Deshiel

I was always wondering what are my listeners thinking about me when I do a bunch of this

and then suddently, I make something absolutely different,

like this

and this

Is there anyone interested in "remixing" my stuff?

I can provide flp of the track that you'd like to work on.

for me to create something so nice and pure.


Sounds very interesting and intriguing.

NG is an excelent starting ground for this kind of experience, because you have no pressure here and you can adapt in a healthy pace.

Mah monitor is kaput

2013-12-04 11:21:59 by Deshiel

This means no music and probably no activity from me till I buy a new one.

I don't have enough money right now so wish me luck.

Try to beat my score!

2013-11-28 10:02:11 by Deshiel

Try to beat my score in this lovely snake game that happens to be powered by my music. :D

Try to beat my score!

I love it when.

2013-11-26 22:26:08 by Deshiel

I have this composing block and then I'll just look at something or remember something and suddently I can't handle all theose ideas. :3

Cmon guys lets do this!

2013-11-21 17:40:00 by Deshiel

Lets get this babe to reach 1K downloads.! :D

and one hundred over here. :D

I made a twitter account

2013-11-20 10:48:30 by Deshiel

Who wants to halp me to settle in? :)

So much stuff to do :D

2013-11-19 09:52:24 by Deshiel

Began working on Teravex's reward.
Half way done with the remix of chaosxiii's track.
Making tons of random stuff between the main projects.

and somehow, like as if I were possesed by a ghost or sumthing. I woke up early in the morning with only one thing in my mind! To make this babe.