2017 Submissions

Meow Drum N Bass Song
soundtracking is hard lol Video Game Song
Night of Thrill Industrial Song
Remix this! Video Game Loop
Madness guitarification Video Game Song
-Stalkerite- Industrial Song
Hacked Mandachord Trance Song
Hollow Grin Industrial Song
LS- Survival Video Game Loop
Finaly in charge of oneself Video Game Song
Hard Techno 2017 Techno Song
God Uzi Video Game Song
INB4 Trouble Video Game Loop
Vengeful Hexis Video Game Song
[DeshRock4.1] Video Game Song
Reminiscence2017 Cinematic Song
Graxxed Video Game Song

2016 Submissions

[DeshRock3] Indie Song
In Control Video Game Song
Old Legends Cinematic Song
Darker Experimental Song
Madness Madnification Video Game Song
Fun loop Video Game Loop
Madness Vaccination Video Game Song
[TFoA]Darkness Rising Video Game Song
Odd time for Levity Video Game Song
Dramatic Chipmunk [Remix] Dance Song
Deshiel & Teen Dragon Industrial Song
[DeshRock2] Indie Song
LS WIP Video Game Song
Psaycho Experimental Song
Aer vs. Andrashi Heavy Metal Song
[AIM] This is my city Experimental Song
Birth of an Antivirus Experimental Song
Void Breach Video Game Song
Choice to fight Experimental Song
Innocently Evil Video Game Loop
Super Uzi Video Game Song
Momentum [reboot216] Cinematic Song
The Void Experimental Loop
Saime Yoma Techno Song
Trump Grounds elections 2016 Country Song
Fragile Sound Techno Song
Dreamer No More Heavy Metal Song
Lost without his headphones Industrial Song
Prototype WIP music 3 Video Game Song
Chip Emotion Video Game Song
Darkness of the Choking Hearth Industrial Song
Makommander Industrial Song
Welcome 2016 Video Game Loop
Dark happiness Industrial Song
Theme Video Game Song
Black Mesa Heavy Metal Song
Kirby vs. Meta Knight Video Game Song
dark/spooky theme for a game WIP Video Game Song
[DeshRock] Heavy Metal Song
Energetic Encounter Miscellaneous Song
Shadow Assassin Video Game Song
The Liset Video Game Song
Madness: The Trial of Lucy Video Game Song
Mass Deffect with vocals Experimental Song
FL Slayer The Mighty Heavy Metal Song
8BitWarframe: Corpus Star Video Game Song
8bitWarfrane: End of Dreams Video Game Song
8bitWarframe: Lost Sector Theme Video Game Song
Mass Deffect Video Game Song
No Exctraction Heavy Metal Song
Inner Turmoil Video Game Song
Ember Prime Heavy Metal Song
Re-Booting Miscellaneous Song
Newfound Happiness Experimental Song
Dark Purity General Rock Song
Power Play Video Game Song
Deep Sleep Ambient Song
Agent Chaotic Video Game Song
{BadXXTechno} Techno Song
Cyber Art Miscellaneous Song
Strong & Proud General Rock Song
Lichenshiel of The Void Industrial Song
Quest for Clarity Video Game Song
Anti Hero Heavy Metal Song
Dual Uzi Video Game Song
Shock Trooper Techno Song
Hard Techno 2015 Techno Song
Hunt for me Techno Song
Titan Video Game Song
OC: Dodoro Video Game Loop
DreamGamer[short] Video Game Song
The Urge Heavy Metal Loop
Sparkle Drum N Bass Song
IHCHWD Miscellaneous Song
Deshtune Video Game Song
Evil Seeping (LSB) Industrial Song
Amy's Wrath Video Game Song
Fantasia(WIP) Miscellaneous Song
Soul Techno Techno Song
Quick Job Video Game Loop
S.D Tactical Clubbing Miscellaneous Song
They took my nose Cinematic Song
Chip Alert Video Game Song
ReGeNeRaTi0N 2 Trance Song
Space Empire Rising Video Game Song
secret sound Video Game Loop
The Final Revenge Heavy Metal Song
Madness Desintegration Video Game Song
Madness Christmasnation 2 Trance Song
Madness Impersonation Video Game Song
The Golden VOice (remix) Dance Loop
The Golden VOice Voice Demo Voice
Madness:Christmasmination Trance Song
Not Enought Revenge Heavy Metal Song
a Fine day for revenge Heavy Metal Song
When Lich met Deshiel [nolyric Fusion Song
When Lich met Deshiel Fusion Song
Battle time! Fusion Song
Unstoppable Gamer Fusion Song
waiting for it to change Fusion Song
The New Hero Rises Cinematic Song
It's just me Techno Song
Real men don't have to choose Heavy Metal Song
FaceCruncher (LSB) Industrial Song
Crunchy Love Video Game Song
manly loop Heavy Metal Loop
Im so bedus Industrial Song
The Choice of Life &Death Heavy Metal Song
Simply Badass Fusion Song
Madness Combat Wannabe Video Game Song
Magic of VideoGames Video Game Song
Herald of the Insane Techno Song
Yun Saraël General Rock Song
Darkishii Fusion Song
Bring out the Madness in me Fusion Song
Zetsubō no owari Fusion Song
Yun Saraël [WIP2] Fusion Song
Yun Saraël [WIP] General Rock Song
BraveSoul Fusion Song
4'Lich Techno Song
ReGeNeRaTi0N Techno Song
le mysterious track appears v3 Fusion Song
Duel of two robots Fusion Song
Beats Me![RMX] Fusion Song
Redemption 2014 Fusion Song
By the Kidd-O Techno Song
Arradon Faervel Classical Song
Mantis & Sadrion Fusion Song
Electronic Lady Techno Song
New Dawn [AlternateD] Fusion Song
Who knows what is this going t Techno Loop
Adventures of the ChipGuard Chipstep Song
Metal Wannabe Epic Fusion Song
The Definiton of Self Techno Song
Electronic Sword Video Game Song
Metal Wannabe 4 Fusion Song
S.D loop Fusion Loop
Oh-Sama Techno Song
Datsmik Techno Song
S.D Ops Video Game Song
Nice Game Time Video Game Song
.T.M.A.S.I.T.W. Experimental Loop
abandoned projects Techno Song
A Hero has Arrived[DeshRMX] Trance Song
triton[WIP2] Fusion Song
triton[WIP] Fusion Song
Escapee Chiprapist Chipstep Song
Fuck you Bitch! Techno Song
Return of the Insane Fusion Song
New Grade Techno Song
Decadence Fusion Song
metal wannabe 3 Fusion Song
Nobody Cares Experimental Song
Second chance Fusion Song
Fusion Mess Fusion Song
Another Mess Techno Song
aim-canceled entry Fusion Song
the time of action Video Game Song
power of my semen Experimental Song
Back to Electronic Techno Song
drama in the stronghold Video Game Loop
Horror Moded Heavy Metal Song
adrift in space Video Game Song
RazoRLooP Video Game Loop
New Dawn Video Game Song
Horror Mode Experimental Song
Carmine ascension Video Game Song
Inner Battle Video Game Song
Dark Revelation Video Game Song
Personal Growth [WIP] Trance Song
videogame music idea Video Game Song
Midnight swing [alternate] Techno Song
midnight swing Trance Song
stage two Techno Song
The fool's march Video Game Loop
stage one Video Game Song
forgotten track from 2013 Video Game Song
lost track from 2011 Techno Song
Real Videogame Music Video Game Song
Real videogame battle music Video Game Song
work in progress part 2 Techno Song
work in progress Techno Song
Save the Nebula Cinematic Song
Battle of two friends Video Game Song
Orrishiel[Collab] Techno Song
Little Shy Fusion Song
The Code Cinematic Loop
Embrace the new year Techno Song
practice track Trance Song
Bright Future Techno Song
Prelude to battle Video Game Song
Wiper the Wip Fusion Song
New Adventure Video Game Song
You're in my memory 4ever Classical Song
Final Battle Fusion Song
Chip attack Chipstep Song
Reminiscence Cinematic Song
Twisted Mind Techno Song
The softer side of me Techno Song
What an adventure! Video Game Song
Sympathy Drum N Bass Song
Inside me[RMX] Techno Song
When I shower[TEST] Drama Voice
Desh Techno Song
metal wannabe v2 Fusion Song
Dark Soul Cinematic Song
metal wannabe Fusion Song
Trip throught Dreams Techno Song
Donny the Aban Fusion Loop
sympathy[WIP] Fusion Song
Czech Madness Techno Song
Bad boy Techno Song
Helix- Archetype[HD] Fusion Song
Helix- Overkill[HD] Fusion Song
Helix- Fear[HD] Fusion Song
The Carmine Dragon alternated Fusion Song
Mean business Techno Song
The Time Before Madness Fusion Loop
Chipfusion[WIP] Chipstep Song
Time for some adventure Video Game Song
stay on guard Fusion Loop
Light in the Darkness Fusion Song
Schlap loop Video Game Loop
{Fuse Up} Fusion Song
{Power Up} Techno Song
The Carmine Dragon Cinematic Song
Mind of the carmine rider Fusion Song
dream one Fusion Song
Bacon & Me [RMX] Techno Song
need GuiT collab proposal Fusion Song
Danger Ahead v2 Fusion Song
{Desh'n'beat} Drum N Bass Song
second & bored Fusion Song
Rebirth Techno Song
{Darakish} Fusion Song
Deshie's preview Fusion Song
good mood Video Game Loop
Robot district Fusion Song
loop for oyu Techno Loop
Attack of the Insane Fusion Song
le mysterious track appears v2 Techno Song
le mysterious track appears Techno Song
{another chance} Techno Song
danger ahead Techno Song
Midnight Showdown 2013 Techno Song
The Broken Land Cinematic Song
{DeterminatioN} Techno Song
Hardcore[Deshielised] Industrial Song
Thunderous act Fusion Song
prototype Experimental Song
Uplifter Dance Song
Second Breath Cinematic Song
[MartianHunter] Industrial Song
Abnormal MX [Remaster] Fusion Song
Areva Reva :D Experimental Loop
Ambient practice track Experimental Song
Enter the Captain Rainbow Video Game Song
Chiptech Fusion Song
Final Battle[RMX] Video Game Song
[Cnyght Hunter] Industrial Song
Tinketell & Windfrank Video Game Song
<HeavyBattle> Fusion Song
Hard to Decide Fusion Song
Abnormal Techno Song
dubstap theme Dubstep Song
Virtual Victory Beer Fusion Song
Redemption (Schrank RMX) Dubstep Song
Tribal Revenge Industrial Song
trial Industrial Loop
Alive again [alternate] Techno Song
Alive again Techno Song
yes and no Techno Song
Free Atmosphere Ambient Song
Midnight Battle Mix Techno Song
Project Ravestein Techno Song
Know yourself {2} Techno Song
simple but cool Video Game Song
magic techno trip Techno Song
the time is now Fusion Song
Mysterious sequence Fusion Song
<HeavyDuel> Fusion Song
NeoPriests Fusion Song
the classic action Fusion Song
Tribal Demon naked Industrial Song
Tribal Demon Fusion Song
Desh da voice [f]a[g]ctor Voice Demo Voice
mood that gives you hope Miscellaneous Song
I wand that schrank Video Game Song
Dream Thing Fusion Song
Is this good?? Techno Song
Roto Journey Fusion Song
Is this Chipstep?? Chipstep Song
HTR: Third Stage Video Game Song
Midnight battle Fusion Song
Dark Mind 5 Fusion Song
no time to waste Trance Song
Boto Techno Song
Is this dubstep? Dubstep Song
want 2 be [theme version] Fusion Song
[want to be] Industrial Song
Endless Sand[RMX] Fusion Song
Coto Techno Song
a new theme Video Game Song
HTR: Fourth Boss Fusion Song
HTR: 1337 Fusion Song
True Weakness[softEDIT] Techno Song
Cute battle Fusion Loop
Happy for a day {Remix} Trance Song
Dat Hardstyle Industrial Song
The Rush Video Game Song
Battle B Noise[Merged] Techno Song
redemption(deshiel remix) Dubstep Song
Something else Industrial Song
randomity Experimental Song
hope & despair (alt) Chipstep Song
Project Ravestein -WIP2- Techno Song
Deshiel found audacity! Miscellaneous Loop
Midnight Watcher Fusion Song
New Powers{2} Fusion Song
Project Ravestein -WIP- Techno Song
Happy for a day{2} Trance Song
Battle B Noise[Resampled] Techno Song
broken chipstep Chipstep Song
Midnight Rush[RMX] Techno Song
uncertain Drum N Bass Song
First Boss (Deshiel) Rmx Trance Song
Is this Chipstep? Chipstep Song
make chipstep they said Chipstep Loop
No-brainer-credits Fusion Song
Positive Redemption WIP2 Techno Song
HTR: Third Boss Fusion Song
Dubstep project Fusion Song
Dark Ambient Project 2013 Industrial Song
HTR: Second Boss Video Game Song
HTR: Another Video Game Song
know yourself Fusion Song
faith & loalty Fusion Song
intervention Fusion Song
Imperial March {HM-2013} Heavy Metal Song
{Bye Dee} Lowtempo Cinematic Song
{Bye Dee} Cinematic Song
for a game Video Game Song
The Dark Tale[RMX] Fusion Song
Electronic Peace {2} lowtempo Cinematic Song
Electronic Peace {2} Fusion Song
Darkishi(origin-remaster] Drum N Bass Song
Darkishi(alternate) Industrial Song
Wish Your Wish (Remix) Trance Song
{trance-Deshiel} Trance Song
Dark Mind 4 Fusion Song
{Hardsomething} Industrial Song
Darkish action Fusion Song
Chip(RMX) Fusion Song
the challenge Fusion Song
electronic peace Fusion Song
First boss Trance Song
HTR: Next Stage Video Game Song
Deshiel is crazy Fusion Song
Mega bored Fusion Song
RD theme Techno Loop
Mysterious power Fusion Song
Boring Metal Industrial Song
Imperial march again Miscellaneous Song
Positive Redemption -WIP- Techno Song
world around me metalized Heavy Metal Song
Reaching for the Sun[RMX] Techno Song
redemption Techno Song
underground action Industrial Song
short loop Techno Loop
Techno thing [DeshRMX] Techno Song
did I miss halloween?! Fusion Song
a new day [dnb] Drum N Bass Song
for zerobombers Drum N Bass Song
Darkisho Techno Song
staying positive Techno Song
Darkisha Industrial Song
the world around meh Techno Song
Dark Hero Miscellaneous Song
corrupt (desh) Industrial Song
Darkishi Industrial Song
The Dark Path Industrial Song
Deshiel si bored Industrial Song
metalol Industrial Song
optimist vs. realist Techno Song
a new day [techno] Techno Song
a new day [piano] Classical Song
experimento bro Industrial Song
Darkeesh Industrial Song
Run 2.0 Techno Song
secret mission Industrial Song
Live Techno Song
did you know? Miscellaneous Song
run Techno Song
rush Techno Song
industrial short Industrial Song
hope & despair w/ DesoloZ Techno Song
chose your path Techno Song
FL Slayed! Techno Song
Hope Forever Industrial Song
-nonhybrid- Techno Song
electronic hope & despair Industrial Song
-Happy hybrid- Techno Song
a loop for you Dubstep Loop
new start feat guitar Miscellaneous Song
{New-start} Techno Song
Flying Desh Fish Industrial Song
stars and stars Ambient Song
little troublemaker Dubstep Song
Electro slash. Industrial Song
Who knows the song? Techno Song
Maybe one Guitar day Cinematic Song
Seethe (desh mix) Industrial Song
Why so FL Slayer? Industrial Song
creative evening Industrial Song
creative night Industrial Song
cyberleak Industrial Song
Wish your wish Trance Song
deathmatch and wind Industrial Song
HTR: a simple question Video Game Song
Maybe one Critical Mass Industrial Song
Maybe one Day Fusion Song
HTR: Real First Boss Industrial Song
When Im bored Industrial Song
damn it desh! Industrial Song
Building up the confidenc Fusion Song
HTR: Main room Video Game Song
HTR: Main menu theme Video Game Song
trip to the electro lands Industrial Song
Moonsong BlueMetal mix Miscellaneous Song
Midnight encounter Trance Song
Happy 4 ever Trance Song
Something techno 4.2 Techno Song
Boogey mode Fusion Song
Something techno 6.1 Trance Song
Ejection fail Techno Song
Electro bacon Trance Song
Deshcore-Expurriment Industrial Song
Heavy curiosity Techno Song
Ucivo Techno Song
Metal experiment Heavy Metal Song
choral experiment FAIL Miscellaneous Song
Happy for a day Fusion Song
Darkish Industrial Song
Midnight Evolution Industrial Song
return of Midnight Industrial Song
Return to Babylon-Deshmix Trance Song
New Powers (Remix) Trance Song
The end of Midnight Industrial Song
the last hunt Industrial Song
True self Techno Song
Magic Uplifter Techno Song
Techno Drama Techno Song
Fight the madness Industrial Song
Critical Mass-Deshielized Techno Song
OUT OF BASS Techno Song
kind of happy ending? 2 Industrial Song
Star wars imperial fail Techno Song
dark mind 3 Ambient Song
Downfall of Desh Techno Song
{Pandemonium-Deshielized} Techno Song
Nothing I can't handle Techno Song
some idea Techno Song
random action 8D Industrial Song
Dark mind take2 Techno Song
Dark mind Industrial Song
Did I just make dubstep? Dubstep Song
New powers Trance Song
Deshiel & Norato -2K12 Techno Song
Midnight Showdown Trance Song
dat mastering Industrial Song
Shadrock: Astral Assault Heavy Metal Song
{BadxTechno4} Techno Song
kind of happy ending? Industrial Song
Something techno 6? Techno Song
Dark techno project Industrial Song
Dark ambient project Industrial Song
classic uplifter Ambient Song
Techno uplifter 2 Techno Song
One does not simply General Rock Song
Something techno 5.1? Techno Song
Fail: Jebatto Industrial Song
Techno uplifter Techno Song
tragedy beat Industrial Song
Something techno 5? Techno Song
Just a WIP Miscellaneous Song
For Sadrion 2 Ambient Song
For Sadrion Ambient Song
Something Choir? Ambient Song
Heavenly fail Techno Song
StalkerMode Industrial Song
{BadxTechno3} Industrial Loop
Not so cyber now! Video Game Song
cyber time! Video Game Song
Something techno 4.1? Techno Song
Something techno 4? Techno Song
another fail Techno Song
Moment of Star Wars Industrial Song
Expurriment Industrial Song
{BadXTechno2} Industrial Song
the neodymium files[Deshedit] Industrial Song
Calculated Theme Video Game Song
Dead Optimist Video Game Song
Midnight Innocence Industrial Song
(musical<>hope) Techno Song
PaceMaker(B4M)Deshedit Dance Song
creepy secret Industrial Loop
My first H@rdStyle Industrial Song
Generator Master Techno Song
Happy action? Industrial Song
Some techno 3 Techno Song
+Desh+Fantasy+ Fusion Song
one bad step Industrial Song
{ShortTest} Industrial Loop
industrialized am I rite? Industrial Song
Something techno 2 Techno Song
{techno#battle} Techno Song
{hard(-_-)techno} Industrial Song
Desh chase loop Industrial Loop
{BadXTechno} Industrial Song
bad thing Miscellaneous Song
Beat building Miscellaneous Song
an uplifter Fusion Song
different (remix) Video Game Loop
what could this be ? Ambient Song
Feeling special Pop Loop
Nice memory (noPiano) Drum N Bass Song
Nice memory Drum N Bass Song
SOmething different {!} Miscellaneous Song
something harder WIP Industrial Loop
Dark Atmosphere (desh) Ambient Song
something trance Trance Song
Do it Desh Miscellaneous Song
It will be better Miscellaneous Song
a noob's idea Miscellaneous Song
a noob's melody Techno Song
Another music attempt Miscellaneous Song
some drumtest :P Techno Song
something techno ? Techno Song
Imperial march wat Ambient Loop
Epixity Miscellaneous Song
Something epix v.01 Miscellaneous Loop
fine day ? Miscellaneous Song
Deshiel's short preview Ambient Song
quick made background music Ambient Song
Flegma Crisis Miscellaneous Song
Slow bounce work in progress Miscellaneous Song
My progress in FL no.2 xD Miscellaneous Song
possible background music ? Video Game Loop
DarkSide (deshedit) Video Game Loop
something faster Miscellaneous Song
Freshy morning Miscellaneous Song

2010 Submissions

action WIP Industrial Loop

2009 Submissions

The art of reverse - 9000_X3 Heavy Metal Loop
my return Industrial Loop
Dark Loop (bass fix ) Miscellaneous Song
My progress in FL Dance Loop
FL test Ambient Loop
ExtraD Industrial Song
Like to move it (gangsta mix ) Miscellaneous Song
DeSH+*Spo|oky*+ Industrial Song
Dash Industrial Song
DeshDawn Industrial Song
Funky way Funk Song
Funky background Funk Song
Problems with stomach Miscellaneous Song
Safety (unfinished) Industrial Loop
Little adventurer Industrial Song
Deshave (enchanted ) Industrial Song
The secret (originaly shadow) Industrial Loop
Survived Industrial Song
t4_The beach level Industrial Song
Magic of the FOrest ? Industrial Song
+*+*Deshave*+*+ Industrial Song
The Little thing Deshielized Industrial Loop
Desh0LoL Industrial Song
Deshiel's Nothing Industrial Song
Say What, Hip Hop Hip Hop - Modern Song
Fiesta pk_metal 3 full grinned Industrial Loop
Deshiel's Dark Loop Industrial Song
Gold OMG Industrial Song
Nawar Industrial Song
Imperial March Ultra Heav Heavy Metal Loop
Eternalreich's Fu guitar heavy Industrial Loop
Chronamut's Vortex but heavy Industrial Loop
Black Velocity Deshielized Industrial Loop
More Crazy Thing Industrial Song
Crazy thing Industrial Song