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Collaboration idea

2012-05-11 16:44:14 by Deshiel

Is some musician currently so drained of inspiration but still wants to do something cool?

I was thinking about sharing my flp files of some of my stuff so that everyone could upgrade or alter it to thier own liking.

Submissions that I would like to throw in for some teamworking would be

>Dark techno project.

>Midnight techno/ Midnight Innocense

>New power. (I'd like to hear this one done by someone else the most, because it's quickmade leadliness are wasted in that tiny showcase of my new automatization skeelz :D

I do not have any falshe hopes that somebody will imidiately swoop in and remix everything I have, but I would like to get some positive response and some project done.
If the collab ends up well then we will both gain moar fans and fame from it and if we fuck it up then we won't lose a thing.(well maybe wasted time)


Desh ;)

Just a little queve from me :)

2012-05-02 17:28:52 by Deshiel

Do you like some of my stuff? If so, why is that? :D AND WHERE DO YOU LIVE?!

Just a little queve from me :)


2012-04-22 12:34:02 by Deshiel

Leave your hello here :D

to hear thier music >8D

Being a long time noob.

2011-06-21 07:15:09 by Deshiel

Uploading crap since 08 :D :D