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So I decided to enter the Newgrounds annual Death Match contest for the third time today.

Are you guys entering aswel? If you do, link me to your tracks :) I will gladly take a listen. ;)


I am going in with Anti hero, because its probably my most favorite thing I did so far during this year.

I could go and chose something that was more "popular" but nah Anti hero it is for it has a special place in my heart.

...and my greatest enemy? The auditions! I never made it past the auditions! xD

AN update

2015-07-03 15:17:37 by Deshiel

I learned how to fade in and out.

You can start laughing now. 

Don't be afraid to experiment!

2015-06-22 11:43:20 by Deshiel

If I didn't decide to play around with this...

I wouldn't have this and this...

And I wouldn't gain new knowledge!

I wouldn't meet new people!

And I would be a shitload of downloads lighter!


So don't be afraid to experiment! Even if the first thing you do doesn't meet your standarts, the second thing will!

Whada ya think friends? :) 


I am one of those guys who cries that it's now harder to discover the music that I like! So instead of crying, I figured out that I could simply call out to you guys who might be producing the kind of music I love!

Spam this newspost with links to your music here on newgrounds and if I like what I hear, I will become your everlasting fan, friend and maybe a future collaborator! I willl go full shingeki on your download button and I might even promote you via taging you as a source of inspiration!

Here is a list of what I prefer

- Action packed

> Metal


> Cinematic music

> techno


> drum and bass

> Dubstep


> missclenious/ when theres alittle bit of everything





> chiptune/chipstep/8-bit spiced everything



made a playlist for this year, will update it in december

2015-06-16 20:30:58 by Deshiel

Its a collection of the 2015's top viewed & downloaded from my audio library. :)

Do you have your personal favorite that didn't make it in? Please do let me know!


2015-06-11 06:02:00 by Deshiel

@Lich is the winner boya... Fighting like him felt like fighting a friggin demigod! 

@Dem0lecule and me fought hard against this mighty beast, but we didn't forget to trade blows between each other as well. Strange thing about that guy was that at first he looked like a soldier, but then he morphed into a kitten which was hardly frightenin.... But when he realised that his future is at stake, he suddently transformed into a murderous green teddybear and finished me off. It seems that my FL slayer skills are not sharp enought to cutt throught that weird furr.

So when I was there, watching the remaining two warriors as my own life faded away witch each passing second. I watched as Lich summoned the powers of the netherworld and pretty much slayed dat tiny teddybear. He should have morphed into something stronger, perhaps a tardigrade... it was his last mistake, for Lich was now standing victor. BUT WHAT THE HELLL WHAT ARE YOU DOING... HE GRABS A SWORD AND CHOPS OUR HEADS... WHAT A PSYCHO.... THIS IS NO CONAN THE BARBARIAN.... DUH... I GUESS I WONT NEED A BODY ANYWAY NOW THAT I AM DEAD...



2015-05-30 19:14:55 by Deshiel

Hello, I challenged @Lich and @Dem0lecule to a music battle challenge not so long ago!

Listen to the contest entries and then vote on which track deserves to be the winner!

The winner's ultimate prize is that he can decide the names of the loser's one upcoming track!

You had a sweet name for your music you wanted to upload?! Too bad, the winner gets to decide that for you!

When you are done listening to all three music entries, head below to the voting poll and decide who is going to be the golden warrior of this event!

vote here!


vote here!


My Facebook needs you!

2015-05-20 05:24:47 by Deshiel


I should do something like this again.

2015-05-10 21:03:12 by Deshiel

I made this little bro for the robotday of 2014 and it was without question the only one of my "for contest" tracks that I worked on the hardest. At the time I drew my inspiration and sense of beat from KILL LA KILL, because I had the soundtrack playing over and over again on youtube.

I didn't get any significant place in the contest, but I got a load of new fans & friends to hang out with and share our thoughts, because the track got frontpaged, popular'd & best of the month'd despite not winning the contest. If that  wasn't a proof that I finaly did something right, I don't know what was. :)


AAnyway this track actualy spawned several "sequels" because i like to further experiment with published stuff when I'm bored.

cheers :)